Ripley Co MO

Aug. 19, 1857

R. A. Patterson and M. A. Patterson to a Patterson family Member.

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Aug 19th 1857 Ripley County Misouri

Dear Children

        I once more seat myself to write you a few lines to let you know we are all well. I have nothing much for to write you. We would be very glad for to see you out here on the Misouree. I hear you say you think you can do as well there as anywhere. I think very differant you can come to this country work for your selves all the time and not be paying rent every year. We have had tolerable hard time since we came here. But I think we will have better. I think I will make aplenty this year. We have had a tolerable good season up to this time. We are needing rain at this time. I do not want to persuade you to come here to be dissatisfied, but I think you can do a great deal better here where you can get you a home of your own and have all you make and I think the sooner you come the better. For the land is settling up right smart but there is a plenty of right good places yet. I know that William and Monroe did not like this country and would not stay but I think they would have done as well if they had a contented  themselves here. We have got One hundred and sixty acres of land entered and over one hundred of that good for cultivation and you can come and get you a home too as to health I think it is as heathly here as anywhere we hear from. You will say I am braging but I want you to come over and see for your selves you can get provisions as cheap here as you can there wheat is worth 75 cents per bushel. I made thrity three bushes of wheat this year. Sis and Burgess says they want you to bring your children out here. They want to see them and see how pretty they are and play with them. Polly sends her best respects to you all. She says if you don't think the missori heathly come over and see her. She is fleshy as ever she was, she weights two hundred and twelve pounds. So I will add no more at at present. I want you to write to us as soon as you get these lines.

R. A.  and M. B. Patterson, to S. M. and M.A. Patterson

Written on the back:

Beloved Brother and Sister
        It is with pleasure that I sat myself down to let you know that we are all well at this time. Hoping that when these few lines come to hand they will find all well. I have nothing of interest to write only How glad I would be to see you all. Margaret you can't imagine how glad I would be to converse with you once more. Times is tolerable good hear at this time. Their will good crops hear this year. It(s) healthy hear as anywhere. The country is settling fast if you do not come soon the land will all be settled up and no homes for no one.  I like this country well enough if I had anyone of my brothers or sisters to live hear so I could see them once and awhile. I am going to school at this time to a lady named Mrs. Caroline Jackson. She is a splendid teacher I am ciphering some and expect to study grammer some.. i am yong but it all goes in life time. If I had my time to live over I would go to school three years & study. We live first rate at the time. Sis goes to school to She can spell in fore silabels some. Thomas is doing well . He sais he sent his likeness and letter last week. You have get quit writing as for the reason I can not tell, what is the reason? Sally Leer is hear on a vist now. She sends her regards to you she is not stout as she used to be she looks badly. I have received a letter from Rira(?) lately they were bad heath with them Hannah had had the measles and they had settled on her lungs and she had not got stout. She had a sevre pain in her shoulder and side. She said she had taken near a quart of Codfish oil. I suspect she will never be stout as she has been. Margaret I want you to write and let me know how you are getting along. I have wrote two letters and no answer. W B ,Margaret I want you to write both the children's names in full so I will know what they are it will be a satifaction to know. I want to see the children but I am not by my self now. Tom sent his likeness to us last month it was mighty like him but his head and whisker was black. Margaret kiss the children for me. This lace is for Hannah to put on her everyday shimmy. Peg Mag Marg If you do not write soon I will think hard as ice shore ginny. Give my respects to Mrs Peter Goodwin and Mrs Baird and all who think worthwhile to inquire after me.





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