Ripley Co MO

The Prospect News

1876 - 1881

Abstracted by Kathy Newton

SEPT.1, 1876 - Resolution & Petition

We hereby pledge ourselves to act in concert in enforcing the law to the end, that the heretofore good names, fame and regulation of our county be restored: J.G. McClaren, D.O'Guinn, C.Kunsmueller, Herman Borth, D.K. Ponder, H. Ponder, J. Casteel, E.R. Hicks, L. Casteel, T.S. Sandlin, G.M. Casteel, J.R. Borth, A.J. McCollum, C.W. Rush, Miles Harrington, G. Ziegra, T.A. Ponder, A.J. Ponder, A.C. Rataree, A.H. Ponder, D.G. Harrington, A.F. Ponder, D.A. Lee, H.C. Borth, W.I. Rainey, P.J. Ponder, E. Dalton, J.H. Myatt

SEPT 8, 1876 -  Circuit Court Carter Co. April Term 1876

Mary E. Dalton & Elijah Dalton Sr. her husband

Polly Ann McKague & Hobart McKague, her husband

James H. McKinney - Plaintiffs


Thomas A. McKinney, Chas. Joplin, Mary E. Joplin, Martha Joplin and

Margaretta Joplin, children of Amanda Joplin, dec.

J.S. McKinney & Wm. R. McKinney, ch. of John L. McKinney.

SEPT 15, 1876 -  A special term of circuit court was held this week on Tues morning. Sheriff Young returned a panel of Grand Jurors as follows: Allen Fowler, foreman, James A. Jordan, Richard Allred, S.A. Cope, John Hudson, Henry Q. Ward, Thos. Pulliam, Wm.H. Murdock, Joel Ham, Wm. Worley, Miles Harrington & G.B. Dunn.
NOV 22, 1876 - Died - in this place on Tues. at 10 o'clock a.m. of typhoid fever, Walter McCollum in the eight year of his age. Little Walter was the only son of fellow townsman Mr. A.J. McCollum. He was a bright & sprightly boy. His schoolmates went in body to his funeral on Wed. afternoon. The bereaved parents have only little Mollie left to solace their bleeding hearts, but they also have the sympathies of this entire community.
DEC 1, 1876 - Joel G. McClaren the new Sheriff took hold of the office last Monday morning.

 -  -  -  -  -  -  - Died - on the 28th inst. Walter, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Lee.

 -  -  -  -  -  - Died - about midnight of the 26th inst. at Dr. Proctor's residence, William A. Bagby. Mr. Bagby was born in Campbell Co, Va. on the 27th day of Dec 1803 & was therefore only one month under 73 yrs of age.

JAN.19, 1877 -  Mr. Charles Kunsmueller left with his family last Saturday for Newton Co. Thus some of our best citizens of our county are hunting homes in other parts.

 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - Sheriff McClaren re - arrested Francis Shaver last week and committed him to his old quarters on Friday. He is one of the prisoners released a few weeks ago by the "gallant knights" who propose to govern this county according to their own code of ethics.

JAN 26, 1877 - The population of Cape Girardeau City is now 3, 697.

 -  -  -  - There is badly needed at this place a flouring Mill, a tannery, and a boot and shoe shop.  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - The ferry men here has a new & substantial ferry boat & is engaged this week in having it rigged to run itself across the river by means of ropes, lee - boards & pulleys.

 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - Out of the total white population in St. Francois Co. of 11,081 there are 6,251 that cannot read & write. The total colored population of said county is 540 and 48 of whom can read and write.

 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - The Ku Klux were traveling again last Saturday night a week ago & then again on Thursday night of last week in search of McMillan & Garner. Pretty state of affairs when in a civilized community a mob of disguised desperadoes roam the country to whip and run from their homes whom they please.

 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - Died - at her residence 8 miles south of Doniphan at 8 o'clock in the evening of the 10th inst., Mrs. Sarah M. Gatlin wife of S.D. Gatlin in the 35th year of age. Mrs. Gatlin was born in Bedford Co, Tn. and came to this county with her parents when quite young. She leaves a husband and four small children and a large number of relatives & friends to mourn her loss.

 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - Died - of pneumonia at her late residence four miles south of Doniphan on the 21st inst. Mrs. Margaret Russell in the 58th year of her age. Mrs. Russell was born in Hickman Co. Tn. but came to this county with her husband 25 years ago. Left a widow at the outbreak of the war, she led the care of a young and helpless family thrown upon her. She was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. A few hours before she died, she called her daughter around her and said, "Meet me in heaven", Earthly friends mourn her loss and cherish her virtues.

FEB 2, 1877 -  Mrs. Isabelle Thannisch, living near town recieved a letter last week from France informing her that by the death of a sister of her late husband, she and her children here are entitled to $24,000 which will be forwarded as soon as papers can be properly arranged.

JAN 25, 1878 - There is a brand new store & dry goods in town. A.J. McCollum has opened out this week under the Masonic Hall. We understand that the prices of goods have already been effected, but to what extent we do not know, perhaps Andy will inform our readers through the Prospect next week.

 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - Died - on Wed. evening 23rd inst. Mrs. Caroline Harrington, widow of Mr. Miles Harrington, whose death we announced last week. Mrs. Harrington had been in bad health for some time, and the sickness and death of her husband so prostrated her that she only survived him a week. NOTE; these were my G - G Grandparents Kathy Hicks Newton.

FEB 1, 1878 - Administrators Notice - Estate of Miles Harrington, deceased A.J. McCollum, Adm.

 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - The personal property of the late Miles Harrington, deceased will be sold to the highest bidder at the residence of the deceased on Fourche next Thursday Feb 7th, 1878.

FEB 15th, 1878 - The property at the sale of Mr. Miles Harrington estate last week went entirely above hard times prices.
MAY 17, 1878 - They have organized an Immigration Society at Walnut Ridge, Ark. with J.B. Wilson of St. Louis as President. They see or rent lands to immigrants, supply labor, etc. When will Southeast Missouri take any steps to encourage immigration?
MAY 31, 1878 - Advertisement - Harviell to Doniphan Hack line John F. Cottrell, Prop. LV Harviell Tues, Thurs, Saturday LV Doniphan Monday, Wed., Friday Blacksmith & Wood Shop F.A. Bell, Blacksmith Wm Pickens, Woodwork

 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - RIPLEY CO. OFFICIALS -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 

Representative - R. Cahill

Circuit Clerk - A.J. McCollum

County Clerk - D.H. Walton

Sheriff - Joel G. McClaren

Collector - D.B. Young

Prosecuting Att - Wm. H. Righter

County Court Justice - J.K. Hill

County Treasurer - A.J. Ponder

County Assessor - R.C. Loven

County Surveyor - R.R. Russell

Comm. Common Schools - B.J. Etheridge

NOV 22, 1878 - Died on Friday morning the 15th inst. at his residence one mile southwest of Doniphan, Mr. West Riley, one of the oldest and one of the best citizens of our county. Mr.Riley was 69 years 6 mos. and 7 da. old at the time of his death. He emigrated from Overton Co.Tn. some thirty five or forty years ago and had resided here ever since. The last thirty years he lived and occupied the home where he died. Now he is gone from amongst us, his widowed wife and fatherless children have the sympathy of the community in their sad bereavement.
DEC 6, 1878 -  -  On account of the Ball and Sociable of the evening before, The Murphy Club was rather slimly attended last Friday evening. Hon Thomas Mabrey, representative elect was called on and gave his views on Temperance. Major A.P. Hall also presented a few arguments favorable to the cause. Appointments for the night were as follows: Mary Wright, Sallie Cude, N.C. Cochran, Samuel Proctor and Ulrich Knoch.
DEC 20, 1878 -  -  Last Friday evening about sundown a twelve year old son of Mr. Lindsay Dudley had the misfortune to suck a cuckold burr into his windpipe. All efforts to remove the burr proved futile, except that it was drawn up in the base of his epiglottis, where it remained until Tuesday morning when it was thrown out by an effort of nature, to the great relief of the boy and his family.
JAN 3, 1879 -  -  PROGRAMME PUBLIC SCHOOL - DONIPHAN Friday evening Jan 3
rd 1879 Music - Country Glee

Salutatory - Tommy Cook

Concert Recitation - Little by Little

Vocal Solo - Hazel Dell

Essay - A Day In Our School - S. Proctor

Declamation - A Secret - Andrew French

Concert Recitation - Giant and Dwarf

Coloquy - Our Verses - Tiny Wright and Eddy Lee

Vocal Solo - A Footstep at the Gate

Essay - Improve your time - John Cook

Concert Recitation - The Cotton Plant

Instrumental Solo - Emmet's Waltz

The Young Orator - J.F. Young

Coloquy - The Milkmaid -  M. McCollum(Mollie) and T. Wright

Vocal Duet - Don't leave the Farm Boys

Dialogue - The Threatened Visit - Mary Wright, Lula Lee, Nannie Cude

Valedictory - Richard Mabrey

Music - Good Night


 -  H.C. Borth is a candidate for Justice of Peace in Doniphan Township.

OCT 11, 1878  - The Thannisch heirs returned home from St. Louis on Thursday.

 - A.J. Ponder and wife, D.W. Cox and Jos. R. Wright all of this town were in attendance at the St. Louis Fair this week.


Steel toad -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - $1.65

Plain Shoes -  -  -  -  -  -  - $1.30


OCT 18, 1878 - Joseph Wright is building a new addition to his blacksmith shop in our town. He also recieved a new stock of tools, iron, etc. and is now better enabled to do good work than ever before.


Dry Goods, Groceries, saddlery, Tin ware, Wooden ware, Patent Medicines, Oils, Paints, Dye, Stuffs, Furniture, Willow - Ware, Queensware, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Ready - Made Clothing!

OCT 25, 1878 -  Rev. T.S. Love of Irondale is here attending the Presbytery.

 - A very interesting meeting of the Murphy Club of our town was held last Friday; essays were read by Miss Bell, Mrs. Keiser and Mrs. Hamer and several others, those of the ladies named being of special merit. After the regular buiness was gone through, the club proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing six months, and elected without opposition were the following named persons; A.D Hamer, Presidents; Thomas W. Mabrey, Treasurer; Ulrich Knoch, Secretary; D.S. Keiser, Marshall.

NOV 1, 1878 - Rev. T.S. Love of Irondale(Mo) Rev. E.H. White of Caledonia (Mo) and T.F. Sloan all of Washington Co started home on last Monday morning.

 -  -  -  -  -  -  - Mr. Joseph Hall was withdrawn from the race for Sheriff and Collector. He will support Joel G. McClaren for both offices and will be glad to have as many of his friends to do so as feeling willing.

NOV 22, 1878 -  -  Mr. B.J. Ethridge and Frank Dudley returned from their trip to Howell Co Springs (Mo) yesterday afternoon.
JAN 10, 1879 - Deputy Sheriff H.H. Towles is moving in to town today & will occupy the house formerly occupied by D.S. Keirser.
JAN 24, 1879 - Frank Dudley had the misfortune to loose a good mare with the blind staggers last week.
FEB 21, 1879 - Elijah Dalton, the wide awake merchant and stock dealer of Fourchee passed through town yesterday on his return from St. Louis. He carried up two car loads of beef cattle.
MARCH 21, 1879 - While speaking of changes last week, we inadvertently failed to say that Mr. H.H. Towles had left town and moved to the Zeigra Farm about two miles south of town.
APRIL 4, 1879 T.N. Elkin and D.M. Atkinson of Buffalo Creek were in town Monday and called to see us. They report good health & good times brisk out that way, especially at the Pigeon Roost. There has been considerable money distributed among the citizens of that vicinity by the pigeon trade. Mr. Elkin added another to the constantly increasing subsciption list of the Prospect News to be sent to a friend at Whitfield, Tennessee. Mr. Atkinson has done the same thing the last time he was in town. We are now sending several weeklys to Whitfield. Accept our thanks gentlemen for all such favors.
APRIL 11, 1879 -  The funeral of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Casteel will be preached at the Seminary on Sunday next at 11 o'clock a.m. by Rev. J.H. Cox. Died at the residence of her husband Jeffrey Casteel 3 mi. southwest of Doniphan at 3 o'clock in the morning last Monday Mrs. Elizabeth Casteel aged 21 years. Mrs. Casteel gave birth to a babe nine weeks ago & was soon prostrated with puuerpal fever and for eight weeks suffered intensely, being for the last seven weeks of her life unable to turn herself in bed, or even to move a limb without help. She was a native of this vicinity and her sweet disposition, kind and christian deportment through life, was loved and esteemed by her many friends & relatives. Some five or six years ago she made a profession of religion and united with the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at this place at it's first organization by Rev. Dr. Elliott of Kentucky. She leaves a husband, an infant baby and a great many relatives and friends to mourn her death.
APRIL 18, 1879 -  Mrs. A.J. Mc Collum has sold out his entire stock of goods at his place to Doherty Brothers who moved then to Dohertyville and added it to their stock. Doniphan now has but three dry goods stores.
AUG1, 1879 -  Ponder and Elkins at the Buffalo Mill brought down a raft of lumber last week.

 - Jeff and Jack Casteel returned from a visit to their brother Lee Casteel in Dunklin Co last week.

 - Mr. W.T. Sutton and Calvin Edwards of Hickman Co. TN have been spending a couple of weeks looking at this (Ripley) & Oregon Co. They are well pleased with the country. Mr. Sutton is engaged in the mercantile business and expects to follow that on the Fourshee, but has not decided whether he will stop in our town or Oregon Co.

AUG 8, 1879 -  Messrs. Murdock and McCauley of Fourchee went through town enroute to St. Louis with 140hd of the finest sheep that have passed through here in a good while.
AUG 22, 1879 - At a meeting of Washington Township immigration Society on last Saturday, the provision committee made up for a picnic at the Cross Roads on the 30th inst. The following committees were appointed:

Grounds Committee; John Gillespie, Wahington Mallory, Jasper McKinney.

Table Committee; John Greer, E.G. Swanner, James Noles

Water Committe; Allen Gamblin, John Hagar, Caleb Cogshall.

Dr. B.G. Page was appointed Marshall with John Gillespie and Jasper McKinney, assistants.

The following names were added, some by request:

M.J. Wyatt, Frank Stewart, J.A. Throgmorton, W.J. Pennington, Wm. A. Ford, W.M. Byrd this Aug 19th, 1879 G.A. Rife, Secretary

 - The Farmingtonians have organized an immigration Society. Hurrah for St. Francois! We understand the Farmington New Era died some time ago, but its ghost made it's appearance in the city on the 7th.

SEPT 5, 1879 - Major A.P. Hall left yesterday on a visit to Tennessee.
SEPT 26, 1879 - Major A.P. Hall returned home last week from a visit to Tennessee. His daughter, Mrs. Dr. Hamer & Mr. Milton Bell of Tn came home with him on a visit to relatives here. They will return home next week.
OCT 24, 1879 - McClaren and Towles opened a new saloon in our town last Saturday. They are occupying the lower room of the Masonic Hall, until they get their new building, which is now underway, finished.
OCT 3, 1879 - Mr. A.J. Whitwell told us Wednesday that he had information direct that his brother W.C. Whitwell, A.P. Parnell, and Rev. Mr. Edwards, with their familes would be here in a few weeks to settle in our county.
OCT 31, 1879 - The following are the Grand Jurors for the present term of court:

Joseph Hall, Foreman, Richard Hudson, Patrick King, Samuel Davis, Thomas N. Elkins, James H. McManus, David Shickles, James E. Smith, William Allen, Jesse Green, Jordan Pennington, Sr. Henry Q. Ward.

NOV 7, 1879 - a Reading Club was organized at the Seminary Wednesday night last, which promises to be a success. The following are the names of those enrolled as members:

Females: Mollie Wright, Vicoria Bell, Alice Bell, Nannie Ponder, Luvica Harrington.

Males: Edgar Hall, Asael Ponder.

DEC 5, 1879 - Mr. A.J. McCollum and Miss Emma Borth were married on the 27th of Novembber, Rev. W.H. Cook officiated.
DEC 19, 1879 -  Joel G. McClaren has bought Mr. Towles interest in the saloon and is now sole proprietor of the establishment.

 - Rev. A.J. Edwards, formerly of Cane Creek, Hickman Co. Tn passed through here on Tuesday on his way to Buffalo Creek where he will make his home in the future. He says there are other families that will move from that county to this in the near future.

 - Our young friends Lemmuel Poore, Lemmuel Morrison, and J.D. McCollum started yesterday on a visit to their old homes and friends in Tn. We wish the boys a pleasant journey and a safe return to Old Ripley. Mr. Poore says he will be gone two months.


Representative - Thomas Mabrey, Probate Judge - J.K.Hill, Circuit Clerk - A.J. McCollum, County Clerk - D.H. Walton(deceased), Sheriff - Joel G. McClaren, Collector - D.B. Young, Prosecuting Atty - Magor A.P.Hall, Presiding Judge County Court - James K.Hill, Judge Eastern Dist - Marshall Stephens, Judge Western Dist - L.B. Johnston, County Treas - A.J.Ponder, Assessor - Levi C. Dalton, Surveyor - A.J. Caughron, Public Adm - Comm. Common Schools - G.H. Rife.

 - We are pained to announce the death of our townsman neighbor and friend Major A.P. Hall which took place at his home at 8 o'clock p.m. Dec 26th, 1879. He was born in Logan Co, Ky on the 15th of Nov 1806 and was 73 yr 1 month and 11 days old. His funeral will be preached at the Seminary at 11 o'clock a.m. on Sunday by Rev. W.H. Cook and his remains deposited in their last resting place by the Masonic Fraternity. We have not space for an extended notice this week.

JAN 2, 1880 -  Obituary - Major Alfred P. Hall died at his residence in this town at 8 o'clock p.m. Dec 26th, 1879. He was born in Logan Co, Ky on the 15th of Nov 1806 & consequently was in the 74th year of his age. He moved to Tn at an early age, and at twenty nine years of age was elected as a representative to the legislature of the State of Tn He served two or three terms as representative and also a term or more in the Tennessee Senate. He was in the Confederate Service during the late war. Like thousands of others, he lost most of his property during the war. In 1873 he removed to Missouri settling first at Alton, Oregon Co from which place he moved in the fall of 1875, since time which he has been a citizen of Doniphan. At the last election he was elected prosecuting attorney for Ripley Co. He joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1845 and remained a consistant, active, leading member thereof up to the time of his death. He was also a leading member of and held a high position in the Masonic Order. He leaves an aged widow, the faithful companion of his bosom for the last half century, and a grandson, which were all the family here to mourn his loss. He leaves several children living in Tn by whom the sad news has this been recieved. The family have the sympathy of this community.
JAN 9, 1880 - W.W. Murdock went through town last Friday with something over 200 hd of hogs for the St. Louis Market. Mr. Murdock is one of the most enterprising farmers on Fourchee. E.H. Sanders from Buffalo Creek is in town today to procure medicine for Mr. A.P. Parnell, who has been suffering from caries (decay) of the bone. Mr. Parnell has been in our county but a few weeks and hopes are entertained that change in climate and good medical treatment will restore his health.

On Friday last there were five families from Perry Co Tn. passed through here on their way to Buffalo Creek in this county to make their future homes. They were friends and acquaintances of A.J. Whitwell, the worthy postmaster of Bennett, and were going to his neighborhood. We believe Squire Whitmell beats the immigration Society in bring in good citizens and populating the county.

The Current River News(competitive weekly) broke loose from its old moorings last week. The thing has been growing weaker and weaker day by day ever since the saloon attachment was withdrawn last summer. It was tottering to its final dissolution, and in its agonies made a dive at the new saloon and sheriffaltry, and captured both, now we find at the head of its editorial columns the names of "J.G. McClaren, J.P. Fagin, Editors and Publishers". Just here it is pertinent to inquire, does Fagin carry all his friends and the friends of the subscribers to the "News" under its old management to McClaren, or does McClaren deliver himself, his influence and his friends to Fagin? Which?

Jan 16,1880 - The Texas & Pacific R.R. has been put under contract and will be pushed through from Fort Worth to El Paso, a distance of seven hundred fifty miles.

 - Probate Court Docket for Monday, February 1880

Name of Estate Miles Harrington adm. or Guardian -  A.J. McCollum

Name -  Paulina Borth adm. or Guardian  - Henrietta Gessell

Name -  West Riley adm or Guardian - A.J. McCollum

Jan 30, 1880 -  D.A. Lee returned from Farmington on Monday last. He reports having witnessed the execution of Hardin. A.J. Whitwell of Buffalo Creek went through town Wednesday on his way to Tennessee on a business trip. The same day there were six wagons went out from the same creek, and seven or eight from the Wilderness, going after household goods, shipped by rail for a portion of the new settlers in that region of the county.
Feb 6, 1880 - S.Henry Smith Sr. editor of the Fair Play and who with Frank Wathen first started "The Prospect News" has moved his family to Wright City, Missouri.

The Sheriff's office in our county is spreading rapidly. It already covers an official printing office and two saloons and now we hear the boss is, or will be, an applicant for appointment as census taker of this county, Whoopee! (referring to Joel G. McClaren)

Mr. A.J. Farmer of Camden, Tennessee, son - in - law of the late Major A.P. Hall, spent some eight or ten days here last week and this, in settling up business of the estate and left Wednesday morning for home. Mrs. Hall and her grandson Edgar, accompanied Mr. Farmer back to Tennessee where she will in the future make her home with her children.

Jan 9, 1880 - W.H. Mudock went through town last Friday with something over 200 hd of hogs for the St. Louis Market. Mr. Murdock is one of the most enterprising farmers on Fourchee.

 - E.H. Sanders from Buffalo Creek is in town today to procure medicine for Mr. A.P. Parnell, who has been suffering from caries (decay) of the bone. Mr. Parnell has been in our county but a few weeks and hopes are entertained that change in climate and good medical treatment will restore his health.

Feb 6, 1880 - Mr. Roberts of Tennessee is feeding fifty head of cattle and one hundred head of hogs at Capt. John Watt's on South Fork of Little Black River for the St. Louis market. Mr Roberts left on Sunday morning last for his home in Tn for the purpose of moving his family to our county to make this his future home. He expects to get back early next week.
Feb. 13, 1880 - The County Court last week granted dram - shop license to A.G. Gamblin and J.G. McClaren for a dram - shop to be kept at Cross Roads, also to Doherty & Brother for a dram - shop at Dohertyville on Fourchee.

 - Mr. John Ponder was in to see us Wednesday. He informs us that he is building a good grist mill at his farm on Fourchee. He already has most of the timber sewn and will put up the mill the coming Spring & Summer. He has good water power.

Feb 20, 1880 - The Hotel has been crowded this week with travelers and newcomers looking for homes.


Declamation - Winfield Bell

Declamation - George French

Declamation - Andrew French

Essay - Vica Harrington

Prologue - "Has She Made Him Propose"

William Mitchum - Emma Bell

Dialogue - "Scandal" - Victoria Bell and Luvica Harrington

Dialogue - "Widow's Mistake" - Miss Vic Bell and Miss Vica Harrington

Valedictory - Miss Georgia Thannisch

Feb 27, 1880 - Mr. Parnell of Little Barren, who has been staying for two weeks past with one of the physicians here for the purpose of having a sore leg (caries of the bone) treated, went home on Tuesday greatly improved, with a good prospect of permanent cure.
Mar. 5, 1880 -  Died at the residence of Mr. Mills on North Fork of Little Black River on Friday Feb 27th, Mr. John Hixson aged 87 yr and eight mos. Mr. Hixson was a soldier of the War of 1812 under General Andrew Jackson - was in the battle of the Horse - Shoe Ben and many others. He has been a long time resident of this county and was esteemed by all his neighbors and acquaintances.

 - Order of Publication - in the Ripley County Circuit Court to April Term

1880 - Order of Publication in Vacation, by the clerk.

The State of Missouri to use of Harbard H. Towles, Adm. Debonais Non of

the state of Otis Dodge deceased, plaintiff against Benjamin Hassell,

former adm. of the estate of Otis Dodge, deceased and Ebenezer R. Hicks

and Asa C. Rateree defendants. Civil action on administrator's bond.

A.J. McCollum, Clerk

March 12, 1880 - Thomas Jefferson Loftis of Humphreys Co Tn. The "News" last week contained a highfaluten communication from T.J. Loftis of Humphreys Co Tn. If T.J. Loftis was as well known everywhere as he is or was here four years ago, we should not notice anything he might write about us, but he is not. We will say that The Prospect News has never tried to disunite the citizens and disapprove their ways except to separate the good from the bad class of disguised "night riders" that were doing a good deal of devilment in this county about the time said Thomas Jefferson Loftis left here, but we had not suspected before this that he belonged to the "raiders". We never run down the county to the lowest grade, but did all we could to keep others from destroying the good name of the county and its good citizens. We are and have been doing all we could to encourage immigration but we hope our county will be spared from such immigrants as T.J. Loftis of Little Hurricane, Tennessee. If he will remit the $1.50 he owes us for a years subscription to The Prospect, which he requested us to send him four years ago, we will be satisfied for "T.J." to remain in his comfortable and well furnished home on Little Hurricane. PLEASE SEND US THAT $1.50 TOMMY!
March 12, 1880 - Mr. J.E. Quarles came here from Tennessee some six weeks ago and after looking around here a couple of weeks, went to Texas and spent a few weeks. He returned here last week and will probably settle in our town. He likes Ripley better than Texas.

 -  -  - Died at his residence four miles east of Doniphan on Sunday morning March 7th, Mr. Thomas A. Ponder age 56 years. Mr. Ponder was a native of Tennessee, but had been a citizen of this county since 1844 and was esteemed always as a good citizen, friend and neighbor, He served one term as County Court Judge and filled the office acceptably. He leaves a wife, several children and a large number of relatives to mourn his loss.

March 19, 1880 - Lem Thannisch and D.B.Young have bought the dry goods, house and lot of A.J. and D.K. Ponder and are now duly installed behind the counter and ready to give the best bargains in the dry goods line.
April 9, 1880 - Died of erysipelas at her residence 3 miles south of town on Saturday 3rd last Mrs. Rudy Sandlin, wife of Thomas Sandlin. Mrs. Sandlin was the daughter of A.J. Ponder. She was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and lived fully up to the ordinances of her church and was a favorite with all her relatives and acquaintances. She leaves a husband and two small children.
April 16, 1880 - Will Poore and John Whitwell started to Tennessee last Monday.

 - Mr. Quarles has bought the hotel property from Mr. Ferguson and will take possession in a few days.

April 23, 1880 - Capt. J.C. Watts has sold his farm on south fork of Little Black River to Colonel B. Roberts late of Tennessee and has moved to Sumer, Illinois. We are always pleased to have such valuable accessions to our county as Col. Roberts and we are equally sorry to have a good citizen and gentlemen as Capt. Watts to leave us.
May 21, 1880 - The funerals of Mrs. Mary Yingling and Mrs. Ruda Sandlin will be preached at the Seminary on Sunday next at 11 o'clock am.m. by Rev. W.H. Cook.

 - AD - Doniphan Hotel - Reasonable Rates

The patronage of the traveling public respectfully submitted. J.E. Quarles June 11, 1880 - AD -  A.J. McCollum, Clerk Circuit Court and Real Estate Agent Homestead entries, Wills, Deeds of Trust and Mortgages, Abstract Book of Title - Charges Reasonable.

June 18, 1880 - There will be a Union Basket Meeting at Dalton's Mill on Fourchee Sunday July 4th. The day will be spent in religious exercises, and participated in by different denominations.

 - SCHOOL PROGRAMME - Friday June 18, 1880

Salutatory - Nellie Carter

Essay - "In Our Efforts Lie Our Success" - T.W. Mabrey

Oration - "Decisive Intefrity" - Sam Proctor

Soliloquy - "The Housekeeper" - Lulu Lee

Solo - "When I was a little Girl" - Mollie McCollum

Declamation - "Don't give it away" - Richard L. Mabrey

Essay - "A Leaf from Mr. Noah's Diary" - Minnie Bell

Declamation - "Life" - Eddie Lee

Oration - "O,Pilot" - Andrew Lee

Recitation - "The Maniac" - Lulu Lee

Reading - "the Wastebasket" - H.M.Bell

Declamation - "The Owl and The Pussy Cat" - R.L. Mabrey

Declamation - "Adieu" - Eddie Lee

June 25,1880 - Our young friend John Cude who has been absent a year or more among relatives and friends in Tennessee, returned to our town last Monday. He has come to stay.

 - Uncle Elijah Dalton, of Fourchee, one of the oldest citizens of our county was in town last week. He was looking in fine health, although drawing close to four score years, gets around as briskly as men half his age.

July 2, 1880 - Married at the residence of A.J. McCollum on Sunday June 27th by Rev. V.A. Bell (Baptist) - Mr. James Wright and Miss Sally Cude, all of Doniphan.

AD - Joseph R. Wright - Doniphan *mfg. & dealer in wagons, plows, carriages, horse - shoeing a specialty*

July 9, 1880 - Our school directors, A.D. Hamer, V.A. Bell, W.T. Stepp have employed Mr. and Mrs. E.F. Tilford to teach the public school at this place for the next term of four months at a salary for the two of $65.00 per month.

There was a Sabbath School organized at the Rateree School House (later TOWLES) last Sunday, with the following officers & teachers: Supt. D.C. Dye; Secretary, Andrew Dudley; Treasurer HARBARD TOWLES; librarian, Miss Nannie Cude; T.T. Lacy was elected teacher of the Male Bible Class and Mrs. Ann Dudley teacher of the Female Bible Class. The School meets every Sunday at 9 o'clock a.m.


General Mdse. - D.A. Lee, Thannisch and Borth, Thannisch & Young

Drugs - E.W. Wright

Saloons - E.W. Wright, Joel G. McClaren

Blacksmith & Woodworkers - J.R. Wright, V.A. Bell

Carpenters - T.C. Moore, L. F. Winston, N.C. Corchoran

Physicians - C.G. Skelton, William Proctor

Attorneys - Wm. R. Righter, J.C. Sheppard, Thomas Mabrey

July 16, 1880 - Mr. Ator, our enterprising merchant and proprietor of Dry Springs, in this county, was in town looking as hearty and jovial as ever. Died at 4 o'clock on Tuesday evening last, Harvey aged eight months, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Hicks. "Suffer Little Children come unto me."
July 30, 1880 - James K. Langford commenced teaching the public school at Dudley Creek School House last Monday. We did not learn the length of the term.

At a public examination held at the courthouse last Saturday, J.K. Langford, H.M.Bell, and Dr. G.A. Dowell were examined and granted certificates to teach school in the county.

Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Holland with two of their children passed through town Tuesday enroute to Macon Co, Tn on a visit to their parents and old friends. They expect to be absent about six or eight weeks.

Mr. A.J. Whitwell, the postmaster, merchant and boss farmer of Buffalo Creek passed through town Tuesday afternoon going to the railroad for goods. He had along with him on their way to Tennessee to visit friends for a few weeks, Messrs. Amos Huffstettler, Campbell Self, and Robert Whitwell, Also Mr. Granville Goodman, who goes to Kentucky for a visit.

Aug. 6, 1880 - Dan M. Atkinson and wife of Buffalo Creek passed through town on Tuesday on their way to Tennessee to visit relatives and friends. They took the railroad at Harviell and will be absent about tow or three weeks.
March 4, 1881 - Alf Mason from Fourchee moved to Dock Hicks farm near town on Tuesday last. Thus our town and community continues to grow.
March 11, 1881 - Dock Hicks and Dr. Proctor have been doing some excellent work on Lafayette Street this week.
March 18, 1881 - Little Alvin, aged one year and seven months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joel G. McClaren, died on Tuesday night last.
March 25, 1881 - Hotel arrivals at the Doniphan Hotel; - James B. Geggie, St. Louis; Hiram Robbins, Little Rock; W.R. Wray and wife and eight children, Illinois, now settled in Ripley Co; G.W. Gaughron, Centreville, Tenn; Daniel and C.D. Scroghan, Calloway Co. Mo; and R.S. Potter,N.Y. City; Dr. John Dabney, Buffalo Creek.

ADMINISTRATORS SALE - I, John Dabney, adm. of Claiborn K. Hanners, deceased, State of Mo. Ripley Co, will on Tuesday April 7, 1881 at the residence of the deceased in Kelley Twsp. sell to the highest bidder at auction the following property - to wit; 2 work mules, 2 mares, 2 colts, 10 hd of cattle, 1 lot of stock hogs, one two - horse wagon, 1 set of harness, 1 set of wagon - maker's and black - smithing tools, 1 set of gunsmith's tools, 500 bu. corn in crib,one Winchester rifle, pistols, etc. farming tools, utensils and other articles too numerous to mention. -  -  - John Dabney, Administrator

April 1, 1881 - Died of dropsy on Saturday evening March 19th at the residence of his father E.J. Casteel of Washington Twsp., Mr. Joseph Casteel, Mr. Casteel leaves a wife and little child.

Sunday School Organization - The citizens of Dudley's Creek and vicinity met at Bethlehem Church Sunday morning March 27th for the purpose of organizing a Sunday School. The meeting was called to order by B.J. Ethridge and Mr. Ethridge was selected Temporary Chmn. And Andrew Dudley as Temp. Secretary. Officers elected were as follows: Supt. T.T. Lacy; Asst. Supt. J.M. Bowman; Sec. James K. Langford; Treas. Andrew W. Dudley; Librarian Miss Nannie Cude.

April 22, 1881 - Probate Court Docket May Term 1881


Otis Dodge Adm. or Guardian H.H. Towles

Emily Martin "" """ H.H. Towles

Minor Heirs of Alice McCollum A.J. McCollum

Miles Harrington """" A.J. McCollum

James K. Hill, Judge & Clerk Probate Court

April 29, 1881 - Following are the names of the present Grand Jury:

S.D. Gatlin, forman, Robert McKague, D.K. Ponder, D.C. Dye, W.J. Hudson, W.H. Murdock, Lewis Stillwell, James McManus, Lafayette Crim, M.W. Cotton, George W.Rush

Feb 11, 1881 - Doc Hicks is going to give the young folks a social hop at his house Wenesday night next.

 - Capt. T.M. Thannisch left last Sunday for Newport, Ark. to look after the steamers "Jennie Stinson" and "Wild Boy" and to get them started regularly in the trade between this place and Newport.

Feb 18, 1881 - Capt Thannisch returned last Saturday from Newport whiter he went to look after the steamboats that are to run between this place and Newport. He reports that the "Jennie Stinson" had been thoroughly repaired and inspected and would start in to business the first of this week. The "Wild Boy" from Pocahontas to within 16 miles of here, where they left the "Wild Boy" loading for Pocahontas. The "Wild Boy" will be here tomorrow or next day, and from this time on will make regular trips between this place and Pocahontas and will connect with the "Jennie Stinson" which will make regular trips thence to Newport.

 - Proceedings of the County Court - The following is a synopsis of the proceedings of the County Court last week:

Incorporation of Doniphan renewed and D.A. Lee, D.B. Young, T.N.

Thannisch, E.W. Wright and A.D. Collier appointed trustees.

Prosecuting attorney ordered to write and ask of the Attorney General an opinion as to legality of back taxes suits against non - residents brought before a Justice of Peace. All back taxes due on w lt ne gr sec. 17 tp 23 rle released.

E.B. Stone appointed J.P. and G.W. Stone Constable of Kelley Township. W.F. Venable appt. to keep Rebecca Tinker, pauper, for next 12 months for $55 payable quarterly.

J.G. mcClaren, former sheriff, ordered to return all school notes in his hands, the same returned.

Thomas Mabrey granted license to keep a ferry at Doniphan and Towles and Young a license to keep a ferry at Indian Ford.

E.W. Wright granted a license for dram - shop at Doniphan.

A.J. Ponder made final settlement as late treasurer showing he fully paid every cent due.

 - The Hotel of this place changed hands and owners this week. Mr. Quarles selling out to Mr. W.H. Stewart. Mr. Quarles moved out and Mr. Stewart moved in on Tuesday.

 - William Elkins returned from Union City, Tenn. last Tuesday.

Feb 25, 1881 - AD - Doniphan Hotel - H.W. Stewart, proprietor
April 29 - 1881 - The supper given by Mrs. Tilford's School last Tuesday evening was a good one and was attended with reasonably fair success for the first effort. Mrs. Tilford and the ladies rendered their valuable services to make the occasion a pleasant,one, among whom we might mention Misses Lulu Lee, Vica Harrington, Paulina Borth and Alice Clark deserves vast credit for the manner in which they conducted the affair.

 - We are pleased to know that the new landlord, H.W. Stewart, of the Doniphan Hotel is giving satisfaction to his gursts, and in return, being liberally patronized as is shown in the following report for this week: Monday dinner 19, supper 21; Tuesday breakfast 18, dinner 21, supper 21; Wednesday breakfast 15, dinner 14, supper 11; Thursday breakfast 8.

May 13, 1881 -  Volume 1 Number 1 of the Reflector published at Sikeston, Scott Co, Mo. by G.W. Harrington, late of the farming New Era is before is before us. This is only the fourth paper in Scott Co, More expected soon, however.
May 20, 1881 -  Mr. John Nunnellee formerly of this vicinity is now in Doniphan and says he is well pleased with the country. John sends us a dollar and says he can't do without "The Pioneer" any longer which shows he is still possessed of good wits. We hope he will enliven our columns with at least an occasional letter from Missouri - The Hickman County, Tenn. Pioneer. Yes Sir! John is here and like all other newcomers, he is well pleased with the county.

June 10, 1881 - We inadvertently failed to say last week that Misses Vica Harrington, Lula Clark, Hattie Bell and Lula Lee who devoted part of the day making collections for missionary purposes succeeded well.

 - Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stewart on Wednesday night of last week, a 9 pound boy.

June 17, 1881 -  Obituary - Died in Doniphan at her father's home on the 14th Inst. Miss Rachael Anna Stewart in the 22nd year of her age.
June 24, 1881 - Mr. Ebenezer R. Hicks, one of our best farmers living about a mile and a half from town, bought himself a new Perless combine reaper and mower a few weeks ago.
July 1, 1881 - Married on Sunday June 25th 1881 by F.W. Bell, J. of P., Mr. William H. Stewart and Miss Mollie Earp both of this place. The happy pair have the best wishes of The Prospect.

 - Billy(William H.) Stewart obtained the first marriage license ever issued from the Clerk's office in Ripley County. He and Miss Mollie Earp were martried on the evening of the first day the license law into effect.

July 8, 1881 - Misses Fannie and Ella Reese of Fayetteville, Tennessee came into town Monday evening last. They remained over Tuesday for the barbecue and went on to Alton, Mo. Wednesday where they will visit relatives.
July 15, 1881 - Died about 10 o'clock last Sunday at his residence on the 10th inst. in Harris Twsp. Mr. Thomas M. Wall. Mr. Wall died of remitted fever superinduced by overheated while mowing grass. He was abt 52 years old was a native of Tennessee but immigrated to Ripley Co while yet a boy with his father and has lived here ever since. for thirty years or more he has lived a consistent member of the Baptist Church. He leaves a family and many friends to mourn his death.
July 22, 1881 - Circuit Clerk A.J. McCollum had up to Wednesday morning of this week issued only four marriage license.
July 29, 1881 - Albert Pearce, The Prospect typo, Ulrich Knoch, John Nunnellee, and Will Stewart struck out for Warm Springs, Ark. Wednesday afternoon. Will Stewart will return today. The others will remain a week or two.

 - There was a protracted meeting commenced last Saturday at Rateree School House by Rev. E.P. McKinnery, the conference of the church was commenced on Saturday morning and closed on Monday on which day Joel G. McClaren was licensed to preach the gospel. Rev. V.A. Bell assisted part time.

 - Died on Wednesday 20th Inst. At 4 o'clock p.m. at the residence of her husband about 3 miles sowuth of Doniphan, Mrs. Paulina Lacy wife of Mr. T.T. Lacy aged 55 years, Mrs. Lacy was highly respected and leaves a husband and several children who have the symathy of many friends in their sad bereavement.



R.R. Russell Adm. or Guardian -  H.H. Towles

Sarah J. Young "" ""  - A.J. McCollum

Aug 5, 1881 - Died in Loudon (Tennessee) on Friday last Mr. John B. Mason aged 73 years of general disability. Mr. Mason was born and reared in Roane Co. Tn. and was for a number of years deputy sheriff of this county 30 or 40 years ago. The latter part of his life has been spent with his brother Honorable T.J. Mason of our town. He was only confined to his room about two weeks. -  - the above article from the Loudon, tn Journal - Mr. John B.,Mason was a brother to the late Elijah Mason of this (Ripley Co)
Aug 12, 1881 - Mr. A.J. Whitwell postmaster at Bennett called on us Wednesday He reports being terrible dry on Buffalo Creek and also that Mr. R.F. Thompson of Perry Co. Tennessee on old acquaintance of his, has been up there looking around at the country and was highly pleased. Mr. Thompson is over on Warm Fork visiting relatives and friends and if not better pleased there, will return to Buffalo Creek and buy land.
Aug 19, 1881 - John Tilford is teaching public school at the Rateree School House.

 - Will Stewart came in one day last week with six passengers on his freight wagon, while just behind him was the hack with no one but the driver.

 - Aden Lowe, a son of Mrs. D.K. Ponder of this place is here on a visit to relatives and friends. Aden has been making his home in Tennessee for the last three years.

Sept 2, 1881 - Tom J. McCollum, a former resident of this county, and two other young men from Tennessee are out here on a visit.

 - The following appointments for next Conference of M.E. Church

South - Poplar Bluff District - 

H. Hanesworth, Pres. Elder,

R.A. McCluntock -  Bloomfield

R. Walton - Current River Cir.

B.H. Warren - West Plains Cir.

W.P. Gibson - Piedmont Cir.

J.A. Carter - Dexter Poplar Bluff

W.E. Stewart - Doniphan

A.J. Green - Alton Cir.

S.D. Riffle - Eminence Cir.

J.R. Ledbetter - Poplar Bluff

Oct 7, 1881 -  John Nunnellee who has been out in Howell County on a vist for some weeks returned last Monday.
Oct 16, 1881 - Rev. Wm. E. Stewart of the M.E. Church South, minister in charge of this circuit for the next year, preached his first sermon here last Sunday. Mr. Stewart is a young man, but is, never the less, an able and impressive speaker and bids fair to be a useful man in the calling he has chosen.

 - Miss Mary Stewart returned from Cape Co last Saturday.

Oct 21, 1881 - Mr. A.J. McCollum sold his farm known as the Cahill Place adjoining the NE part of town last week to Wm. T. Brewer of Red Bud, Ill. It was a cash sale and price paid was $1,000. We understand that Mr. Brewer will move out the latter part of winter or early spring.







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