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Shootout at Shiloh Springs

Submitted by Donna Ezell Carter

“Prospect News” .

June 14,1906, Doniphan, Mo.

Shootout at Shiloh Springs between STACEY and the EASTHAM BROTHERS.



Two Men Killed and One Wounded in JORDAN TOWNSHIP


One of the most horrible tragedies which has ever occurred in the history of Ripley Co. took place a little after the noon hour last Sunday in Jordan Township, in the northeastern part of the county. CHARLES STACEY, a young man of about 25 years of age, was assaulted and shot to death by WILLIS, BILL and GEORGE EASTHAM, brothers , as he was returning from church in company with a young lady. (MAUD EZELL). STACEY, after being mortally wounded, drew his revolver and shot and killed WILLIS EASTHAM and shot the thumb off of the right hand of George EASTHAM.


News of the shooting reached here shortly after noon Sunday, and coroner J.T. REDWINE, prosecuting attorney, FULLBRIGHT, Deputy Sheriff WARREN BROOKS and Dr. S.A. PROCTOR, left immediately for the scene. Arriving there, a jury was impaneled and an inquest held over the remains of the two dead men.


According to the evidence brought out at the inquest, WILLIS and BILL EASTHAM were sitting at a spring near the home of the EASTHAMS, and but a short distance from Shiloh Church, when STACEY in company with a young lady and another couple of young folks came by, on their way home from church. GEORGE EASTHAM then came out of the house and hallowing to his brother, WILLIS, asked him why he did not make STACEY take back the lie he had been telling on him. WILLIS replied that it would be time enough any time during the week. But the idea of postponing the matter was not favorably received and the three brothers immediately began an assault on STACEY, who seemed to be trying to avoid trouble. After having been slapped and cuffed by WILLIS and GEORGE, the other brother, BILL, who had a .44 caliber revolver in his hand, fired three times, the third shot striking STACEY squarely in the face.


In falling, the wounded man drew his revolver, a 38 caliber, and shot WILLIS EASTHAM twice, both shots striking him under the chin, one of which broke his neck and the other ranged upwards into his head., and then shot GEORGE in the right thumb. As there were five bullet holes in STACEYS' breast and face it is supposed that he was shot twice after he had fallen but this fact was not clearly brought out at the trial. After STACEY fell his head and face were beaten up and horribly mutilated with the butt end of a revolver in the hand of one of his assailants. Shortly after the shooting BILL and GEORGE EASTHAM took to the woods and as yet have not been apprehended. WILLIS EASTHAM, one of the men who was killed, is the person who is charged with having killed his wife several months ago. He was out under bond and his trial was set for the next term of circuit court.


The trouble between the parties is said to have been caused by some remarks STACEY had made to a young lady with whom he was keeping company, and for whose affections BILL EASTHAM was his rival, concerning WILLIS EASTHAM having killed his wife.

Note from submitter:
  MAUD EZELL mentioned in the above article was the daughter of THOMAS I. EZELL and AMANDA BOSHEARS ODOM EZELL.She would have been 19 years old at the time. She later went on to marry SAM McKINNEY. TOMMIE EZELL, brother to MAUD EZELL, would have been 21 years old at the time and he is thought to have been one of the young people mentioned in the article that was with STACEY and MAUD EZELL coming from the church.




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