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James William Rosson 

James William Rosson - Son to Stephen Rosson (Stefanus) and Sarah Salley Bates and born in September 1850 in Perry County, Tennessee, he lived most of his life there until moving to Missouri.

James married Rebecca Elizabeth Bruce around 1870 in the same county. Three children were born in Tennessee when he moved them to Missouri around 1880. He moved to a town named Ponder, which is no longer on the maps. It had a store and several saloons. The rest of the children were born there.

He and his wife became members of the Rocky Point Baptist Church in Ponder*, until his death. When he moved to Ponder, Mo he came with a letter from the previous church.
James and Rebecca had the following children; Lula b.1872, Albert b.1875; John b 1878, Sally (Novella) b. 1881, Martin born 1884, James W born 1887*, Walter born 1891 (these dates are taken from the bible of James W Rosson, given to me by Linda Baker),* Sally's headstone says she was born 1879; James' social security, military WW1 card, and all pertinent information say he was born 1888.

James was a farmer, carpenter, and a scribe for the neighbors who could not read or write. He also taught school and built a school on his property (according to John Carter Rosson of Alpine, Texas, grandson of James.)

The Rosson School built in 1896 was an intricate part of the Ponder Community, in Missouri, and educated many children in the area. It consolidated with Gatewood Schools in 1958. There was an article written about a reunion of several in the Ponder area who attended this school and one of whom was Doug Baker, husband to late Linda Baker, who was great granddaughter of John CWood Rosson (I believe the article was in the Prospect News and then reprinted in the Ripley Historical Newsletter.)

James built a house in 1898, near Ponder for Thomas Kennon* which was standing in the 1980s. It had the four suits in a deck of cards carved on the railings of the porch, told to me by Steve Vandiver, the great grandson of Thomas Kennon. I have some photos of the house although it was vacant at the time the photo was taken and in some disrepair.

While communicating with Cecil Rosson (grandson of Isaiah who was brother to James) from Lewis County, Tn, he told me that his father (AP Rosson) remembered James and family leaving the area (in Tennessee) in a wagon and he (AP Rosson) rode down the road with them. That there were three children at the time they left.

You won't find much about James Rosson in the history manuscripts or writings of the area but he was there for about twenty years. He was a religious man and gave his children the education that would help them in life. I believe he was an upright man in his dealings and haven't heard different.

Contributed by Shelia Rosson Berube


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