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Rebecca Elizabeth (Bruce) Rosson 

Rebecca Elizabeth (Bruce) Rosson - Daughter of James Bruce and Purity (?), Rebecca Elizabeth was born in March of 1853 in Perry County, Tennessee. Her family moved to Perry County sometime before 1850.

She married to James William Rosson about 1870 in Perry County, Tennessee. She was the mother of two daughters and five sons, only three born in Tennessee.

Rebecca had to be a strong wife, mother, and grandmother. She endured the travel to Missouri from Tennessee in a wagon, which probably was a terrible journey crossing the rivers between the states. I have made this journey in a car and I can't fathom the problems that they must have encountered. The land was not drained by ditches before this and it had to be crossed at certain times of the year, as it flooded often. The land is low near the rivers and I am sure the roads were dirt and washed away easily.

Her children were; Lula, Albert, John, Novella, Martin, James, and Walter.

After arriving in Missouri, Rebecca had four more children by 1891. Her husband died in 1903, and the photo that I have of her must have been around the 1905 year, or it looks that way to me. She is sitting in a rocking chair with my grandfather behind her (her son), one of her other sons standing next to him and a lady sitting next to her with two children in the photo. This could be Albert or it could be John (unsure at this time but John married in 1900 so it probably is his family).

I have two photos of Rebecca.

She belonged to the Rocky Point Baptist Church in Ponder (from 1886) until her death, Dec 16, 1908.

I do not know where she was buried somewhere close to Ponder, in Ripley County, Missouri.

Contributed by
Shelia Rosson Berube

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