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Barber-Freeman Cemetery

Ripley County  Missouri


Description: Township 24N Range 4E Section 10

Barber, James (Barbiere, Barbour)    1820 - Unknown.   Born in France.
Barber, Theresia Barbiere    1825 - Unknown.     Children of James & Theresia: Albert Barbiere, Nicholas Barbiere (Barbour) b. 1851 NY, Cecile Barbiere, Louisia (Louis) Barbiere, Anna Rosa Barbiere, John William Barbour b. 1859 and Julia Barbiere Husky.

Barber, Louisia (Louis)   1856 - 1858.    Note from FAG: From Cemeteries of Northwestern Butler County by Historical Society of Butler Co. 1996 - Son of James Barber. (It is a medium sized rusted metal marker approximately 2 1/2 feet in height with the information above tightly enclosed underneath a square of glass. Louisia is the French spelling for Louis. It was repaired by Gaylord Barbour of Dexter several years ago. 
Barber, Cecile    No dates.    Daughter of James & Theresia Barbiere.

Bausworth, Infant    Stillborn Feb., 1940.    Child of Silas Bausworth & Minnine Channel Bausworth.

Coble, Charles Freeman    Nov. 4, 1923 - Nov. 3, 1926.    Son of Fred & Tylitha Coble.

Emmons, Infant    Stillborn May 17, 1939.    Infant daughter of John & Gertie Emmons.

Freeman, Aaron Columbus    Dec. 25, 1855 - Mar. 29, 1929.    Son of Samuel Posey Freeman.
Freeman, Sinthean Jane Potts    Mar. 15, 1852 - Jan. 8, 1918.    Parents of George Monroe Freeman, Andrew J. Freeman and Doris Freeman.

Freeman, Claude Henry    May 11, 1931 - Sep. 30, 1931.    Son of Daniel Freeman & Alice Croffard Freeman.

Freeman, Dewey McKinley    May 15, 1898 - Oct. 5, 1933.    Son of Samuel Posey Freeman & Rebecca Ellen Pierce Freeman.

Freeman, Earnest    Sep. 18, 1952 - Sep. 22, 1952.    Infant son of Robert Freeman & Ruth Ferris Freeman.

Freeman, June Louise Sneathern    Dec. 27, 1930 - Apr. 12, 2009.

Freeman, Lloyd Daniel    May 11, 1931 - Sep. 11, 1931.    Son of Daniel Freeman & Alice Croffard Freeman.

Freeman, Rebecca Ellen Pierce    Oct. 8, 1863 - Jul. 5, 1946.    Daughter of Gideon E. Pierce & Betty James Pierce. Married Samuel Posey Freeman; children Mary F., Price, Daniel, Henry, Carry, William B., Easter Cora, Louisa V., Dewey M., Andrew J. and Rosalie Mae. Samuel is buried at Willow Springs City Cemetery in Howell County.

Freeman, Robin Joy    Feb. 8, 1957 - Jul. 29, 2011.

Freeman, Thomas Lee    Jun. 16, 1949 - Jul. 11, 1994.

Freeman, Thomas Victor    Oct. 16, 1886 - Feb. 11, 1972.

Green, Samuel Jackson    Feb. 11, 1885 - May 14, 1947.    Son of Jackson Green of Kentucky. Death certificate names wife as Clara. Findagrave has: Florence Trigg Green; born Aug. 2, 1895 at Wolf Island Mississippi Co MO; died Oct. 29, 1917. 'The young wife of Samuel Jackson Green was taken from this life in her 23rd year. She was the daughter of Tomas J. Trigg, and Mary Brown of Wolf Island in Mississippi County, Missouri.' Children are listed as William H. Green and Ernest Green.

Green, William Jackson 'Billy Jack'    Jun. 20, 1936 - Oct. 5, 1939.     Son of William H. Green & Josephine M. Green.  Findagrave has: '3 years old. Was struck by car in St. Louis and died in the hospital a few hours later. He was buried in the Freeman Family Cemetery in Stringtown, along with 2 uncles, Lloyd Daniel Freeman, and Claude Henry Freeman, his grandfather Samuel Jackson Green, a great uncle Dewy McKinley Freeman, his great -great uncle Aaron Columbus Freeman, his great grandmother Rebecca Ellen Pierce Freeman, and several distant cousins.'

McCarter, Lena Unknown Panseygrau (Pansygrew)    May 15, 1887 - Jan. 13, 1969.    A wife of Paul Panseygrau.

Novak, Helen M. Panseygrew (Panseygrau)    1916 - 1938.    A wife of Paul Panseygrau.

Pansygrew, Leda  (Panseygrau)    Jan. 15, 1918 - Mar. 1, 1925.

Pansygrew, Paul (Panseygrau)    Apr. 25, 1878 - Dec. 24, 1937.

Ruser, Anna Rosa Barbiere    Jun. 26, 1861 - Jun. 1, 1903.       Daughter of James & Theresia Barbiere.
Ruser, August Friedrich    1862 - 1913.     Died Paragould Sanitarium in Paragould Arkansas.    Son of Unknown Ruser & Mary D. Wedeking Leethe Hagler Ruser.

Sneathern, Thomas Alexander    Apr., 1849 - 1920.    Husband of Mandilla David Sneathern. Father of Marshall, Mary, William 'Bill', Thomas Jefferson, Hillary, Robert Monroe 'Bob', Charles 'Charley'.





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