Ripley Co Mo

Chestnut Cemetery

aka Buffalo Creek Cemetery

Briar/Bennett Ripley Co MO

 GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 36.7133, Longitude: -90.9831

Cemetery is neglected and overgrown. There are several unmarked and sunken graves. 

Atkinson, Daniel Jefferson     1878 - 1928.     Son of Daniel Marion Atkinson & Elizabeth Caughorn.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Nov. 30, 1858 at Hickman Co TN.
Atkinson, Daniel Marion    Oct. 25, 1836 - Sep. 16, 1910.     Born at Hickman Co TN.  Civil War Co G 10th Tennessee Cav under Gen. Bedford Forrest.
Atkinson, Elizabeth Caughorn    Nov. 1, 1836 - Aug. 12, 1895.     Parents of Mary Ann Victoria, William James, Maggie L,, Ruthie Lou Ellen, Laura, John H, Annie M, Charles W, Daniel Jefferson.

Atkinson, Donnie E.    Mar. 27, 1910 - Sep. 16, 1912.    Son of William 'James' Atkinson & Settie Coonce.

Atkinson, Settie Coonce     Dec. 26, 1874 - Sep. 21, 1939.    Daughter of Martin Coonce & Sarah Luttrell? Born in Illinois. MO Death Cert.#33351.
Atkinson, William James     Oct. 19, 1861 - May 18, 1924.     MO Death Cert.#15680: Born Oct. 21, 1861. Son of D. W. Atkinson & Caughron? Married to Settie Atkinson. FAG has: Born at Hickman Co TN. Married Amy Unknown.  Father of Franklin and Martha.

Atkinson, William Charles     Dec. 19, 1901 - Apr. 30, 1969.

B., E. J.     May 28, 1823 - Jun. 16, 1905.

Bostian, Elizabeth     May 28, 1823 - Jun. 16, 1905.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Dec. 28, 1892 at Ripley Co MO.
Chestnut, Mary Ann 'Victoria' Atkinson     Nov., 1859 - Mar. 3, 1931.     Born in TN.  Daughter of Daniel Marion Atkinson & Elizabeth Caughron.  MO Death Cert.#11239: Informant W. M. Logan.
Chestnut, Thomas Jefferson     Jan., 1868 - Unknown.     Son of Samuel Chestnut.  Parents of Ollie Elizabeth, Willie E. and Mary Madegeline.

Chestnut, Thomas Jefferson    Dec. 29, 1920 - Dec. 29, 1925.    MO Death Cert.#37374: Son of Samuel Chestnut.

Driver, Infant     Born & Died Jan. 29, 1909     Son of Tom & Etna Driver.

Driver, Charley     No dates.

Driver, Martha Ann Wagner     Sep. 20, 1844 - Mar. 1, 1925.    MO Death Cert.#9024: Born in Kentucky.
Driver, William T., Sr.     Died Mar. 2, 1902.    'Age 72 yrs 7 mos 6 dys'

Edwards, Isaac     No dates.

Elkins, Frances M.     Jun. 24, 1832 - Jun. 20, 1880.

Elkins, Thomas N.     Nov. 6, 1838 - Feb. 18, 1894.

Glore, Albert Preston     Feb. 12, 1871 - May 7, 1928.     Son of William M. Glore & Nancy J. Jackson.

Hackworth, Ella Hodo     Feb. 22, 1879 - May 1, 1941.    MO Death Cert.#22348: Daughter of Billy Hodo & Betty Harper. Widow. Born in Perry Co TN. Informant Mrs. John Hastings, Briar MO. Burial May 4th.

Hall, P. R.     No dates.     CO K 19TH  MICH. INF

Harris, Ellen     Oct. 6, 1873 - Dec. 21, 1873 

Harris, Margaret     July 25, 1871 - Feb. 10, 1885.

Harris, R. T.     Oct. 20, 1844 - Sep. 12, 1907.

Hodo, Dora D. Caughron     Nov. 7, 1884 - Apr. 30, 1953.    MO Death Cert.#19489: Daughter of Wesley Caughron & Dina Hope. Died at her home in St Louis MO.
Hodo, William 'Carol'      Sep.12, 1878 - Jan. 27, 1940.    MO Death Cert.#3527: Born Sep. 12, 1877. Son of William N. Hodo & Mary E. Hooper, both born in Perry Co TN.
Howard, Frank     No dates.

Jairels, Mollie Harris     No dates.    
Jairels, Joseph W.     No dates.

Killbreath, Alene     No dates.

Killbreath, General     No dates.

Killbreath, Mandy M.     No dates.

Logan, Mary Magdeline Chestnut     Nov. 23, 1900 - Oct. 7, 1948.     Daughter of Thomas Jefferson Chestnut & Mary Ann Victoria Atkinson.
Logan, William M.     No dates.     Parents of Ethel and Daniel J.

Mapes, J. C.     No dates.     Adopted son of P. R. & M. Hall.

Portwood, Steven Eugene     No dates.

Ridenhoover, Unknown     No forenames or dates.   

Rongey, Louisa 'Questa' Bennett     No dates.     Daughter of W. C. & J. B. Bennett. Wife of W. H. Rongey.

Ross, C. M.     No dates (illegible).

Self, J. G.     No dates.

Self, Myrtle E.     No dates.

Sparks, Ada E.     No dates.

Sparks, Emor A.     No dates.

Sparks, Henry C.     No dates.

Sparks, Robert H.     No dates.

Sparks, Sarah     No dates.     Wife of Thomas
Sparks, Thomas     No dates.

Thaxton, Infant Son     No dates.

Thaxton, Infant Sons      No dates.

Thaxton, Lee Otis     No dates.

Warren, Leman C.     No dates.

Whitwell, Ollie Elizabeth Chestnut     Apr., 1894 - Feb. 7, 1981.     Daughter of Thomas Jefferson Chestnut & Mary Ann Victoria Atkinson.  Married Nathaniel Elber Whitwell, June 18, 1911, Bennett Co MO. Mother of Howard, Charles, Elbert, Dewitt, Cecil, Jerome Pope and Virginia.

Whitwell, Sarah A. Elkins     Aug. 25, 1861 - Feb. 11, 1899.     Married John Wesley Whitwell, December 25,1883.

Whitwell, Sarah M. 
    No dates.



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