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 Little Cemetery

Poynor Ripley Co MO


Agy, Donald Eugene

Bagnell, Ella Lee McKinney

Bates, John

Bates, Levi

Bates, William

Baucom, Sarah

Beakley, Nancy C.

Beakley, Hartwell

Beakley, James Wesley

Beakley, Mattie

Beakley, Nora

Beakley, Robert

Beakley, Zerrie

Blake, Benjamin

Blake, Ollia

Blake, Donald Gene

Blake, Earnest Roland

Blake, Fanny Elkin

Blake, Loueller

Blake, Patsy Ruth

Blake, Unknown

Blake, Virgil

Blake, William

Blake, William Oscar

Bruce, Bailey Payton    Sep. 25, 1850 - Apr. 24, 1920.

Bruce, Eugene

Bruce, George M.    1888 - 1975.

Denning, Frank

Denning, Joe

Denning, Mattie Ellen Ratcliff     Mar. 16, 1879 - Sep. 23, 1919.    Wife of J. Morgan Denning, mother of Len, Eddie & William H.

Denning, Zee

Elkins, Martha

Elkins, Pearl Blake

Elkins, Robert Hartie

Elkins, Robert Wayne

Elkins, Sally M.

Forister, Abbin, Jr.

Forister, Andrew Harlan

Forister, Bee E. Gallup

Gallup, Infant

Gallup, Sophia

Gallup, Will

Griffin, Ruth Ann Bruce    No dates.

Hagan, Bobby Joe

Hatfield, Samuel J.

Hatfield, Sarah M.

Keel, Elisha

Keel, Mariah

Lake, Fred C.    Aug. 16, 1907 - Mar. 18, 1982.

Lake, Sylvia E.    1914 - 2004.

Lake, William    Nov. 6, 1849 - Aug. 24, 1919.

Larimore, Eddie L.

Larimore, Nathan Lynn

Larimore, William M.
Little, Hardy

Little, Louisa

Little, Moses D.
McCord, Beatrice
McKinney, Guy V.

McKinney, Queen Victoria

McKinney, William Aubrey

McKinney, William Meek
Ponder, Nanny Barham Beakley Keel
Sherrill, Chester

Shults, Lena Mae
Upshaw, Unknown    Daughter of RC & Maude

Upshaw, Reuben G.
Numerous field stone markers and unmarked graves






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