Ripley Co mo

Mount Pleasant Churchyard
Fairdealing Washington Twp.
Ripley Co MO

Mount Pleasant Cemetery is a new listing for us.  It is not listed in any of the cemetery books by Thelma McManus.  It is listed as being the Mount Pleasant Churchyard.  A search reveals the Mount Pleasant Churchyard to be where "the Simpson Creek School used to be".

Directions: Northbound on Highway 142 at Doniphan, turn left on Y Highway and go approximately 1 and 3/4 to 2 miles NW on Y Highway to county road 488.  Approximately 1/8th mile past 488 turn right to Mt. Pleasant Church.  This road appears to be a long driveway on the map and I would think there is probably a sign indicating the church if not the cemetery itself (according to the map, it is the second road turning right after county road 488 but it is not marked with a road number on the map). 

BRICKETT, John    1815 - 1884.    NOTE:  Male, white, 63, farmer, married (to Sarah F. ROAN). b. KY or NC 1815; d. 15 Mar 1884 of pluro pneumonia, 6 days duration, complicated by pleurisy. He resided in Gamburg.
WEBSTER, Elizabeth Gilmore      Sep. 17, 1829 - Dec. 18, 1910.     MO Death Cert.#38357. Born in Scotland, the daughter of (?) Gilmore (England) & (illegible) (Scotland). Widow. Informant Reuben Webster. Burial Dec. 20, 1910.




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