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 Murphy Cemetery

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Photos & Cemetery Information from Dee Webb Sparks, Great-grandaughter of Louise Elizabeth Murphy

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Bowlin, Katherine Nally Murphy      Dec. 6, 1868 - Nov. 12, 1942.     Daughter of John Murphy & Elizabeth Adell 'Eliza' McKibbon. 

Murphy, Charles William    Apr. 4, 1910 - Aug. 2, 1951.    MO Death Cert.#26265

Murphy, James Charles      Dec., 1868 -                 Only grave in this cemetery with a funeral home marker.

Murphy, John    Jan. 23, 1882 - Feb. 20, 1914.     Son of John Murphy (Ireland) & Eliza McKibbons (Ireland).   
MO Death Cert.#5842: age 32, single. Informant J. C. Murphy. Burial Feb. 21st.  
Murphy, Elsie M. Campbell    1894 - May 18, 1916.     Daughter of James Campbell and Mary Gunter.
MO Death Cert.#25535. Informant John Murphy. Born in Butler Co MO; burial May 20th.

Murphy, Elizabeth Adell 'Eliza' McKibbon    1835 - Oct. 4, 1920.    MO Death Cert.#32326a: Born in Ireland.

Murphy, Thomas Michael     1863 - Feb. 18, 1887.     Son of John Murphy & Elizabeth Adell 'Eliza' McKibbon.




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