Ripley Co Mo
New Union Cemetery
a/k/a Shahan Cemetery
Ripley Co MO
On Route 142 East between Oxly and Highway H (now renamed 'B'). The cemetery is no longer in use. Thomas Crook was the official caretaker of the cemetery and 
supplied some names for unmarked graves. According to the late A. E. 'Jack' Venable there was a General Baptist Church at the SW corner of the cemetery until about 
40 - 50 years ago. The land was deeded to the Church by J. A. Shahan. Listing completed October 1973 and since revised. 
Located in Section 32, Township 22 North, Range 4 East. 
Notes from Don Clark: I walked through this Cemetery in November 2002 and it is grown up with trees and thorn bushes, graves are sunk in. 
The stones are there, some hidden in bushes.

This file was originally contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by Don Clark Used by permission.
Revised Mar. 5, 2012.

BURNETT, George W     Died Aug., 1918     MO Pvt 163rd Depot Brig WWI 

CLARK, Louie O 8 May 1893 - 2 Oct 1897 Brother to Wilkie E Clark.

CLARK, Harriett Elizabeth 'Hattie' Overhults 1930 - 14 Feb 1937 Wife of Wilkie E Clark. Unmarked grave. Wilkie Clark is buried in Shiloh Cemetery, Paragould, Arkansas.

CROOK, A. C. Died Jan 1919 Handcarved on a brick.
CROOK, Infants      No dates.	Two babies of Bert Crooks.
CROOKS FAMILY     No dates or other information.

FORREST, _______ Died 18 Nov 1899. Wife of D C Forrest. Unmarked grave.

GATHER, Abby Ann Died 1922. Unmarked grave. Maiden name might have been Crook.
HUNT, Ethel      23 Oct , 1893 -  27 Oct 1893.      Daughter of J E & S A Hunt.

JENKINS FAMILY - Several members of a George Jenkins family - all unmarked - info from Thomas Crook.

JENKINS, Holly 1846 - 27 Dec 1898. Born in North Carolina. Wife of Ambrose Jenkins. Unmarked grave.

JENKINS, Child of Ambrose Jenkins Born about Dec., 1885; died late May or early June, 1887. Died 'Friday evening' age 18 Months' Obit published 3 Jun 1887. Unmarked grave.

HUSBAND & WIFE: LASSITER, Ben No dates. Unmarked grave. LASSITER, Wife of Ben No dates. Unmarked grave.
LASSITER, 3 children of Lenn & Lynie Lassiter      No dates. All unmarked graves. info on this family from Thomas Crook.

MAYS, George M No dates. Co D 52nd KY Inf. Union Civil War. This is a regulation government marker for veterans of that conflict.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 16 Aug 1859. MERRILL, John B 24 Feb 1836 - 9 Sep 1899 Age 63y 6m 16d. Co A 17th KY Cav Union Civil War. This is a regulation government marker for veterans of that conflict.
MERRILL, Sarah F Bourland 1 Jul 1839 - 6 May 1906 Obit published 10 May 1906.

Wife of Grant Merrill - died Feb 1905 - unmarked - Obit in P-N - 9 Feb 1905

MILES, Nancy Emmer Jenkins 1869 - 25 Aug 1896. Age 26y 9m 15d. 'Beloved wife of J H Miles.' Daughter o f Ambrose Jenkins.
Married John H. Miles in Sep., 1886.

MILES, Infant Stillborn 17 Mar 1895 Daughter of John H. & Nancy Jenkins Miles.
MILES, Infant      Stillborn 24 Jul 1902     Son of John H. & Nancy Jenkins Miles.  Unmarked grave.  Obituary published 7 Aug 1902.
MURRAY, Ralph Leroy     Died 31 Apr 1937.     Unmarked grave.     Information from Thomas Crook.
MURRAY, Baby     Died 20 Dec 1953.     Unmarked grave.     Information from Thomas Crook.

RAMSEY, Loretta Violet 11 Sep 1920 - 05 Oct 1922. Unmarked grave. MO Death Cert.#23418. Daughter of William C. Ramsey & Ethel Crook.

ROUNDTREE, Thomas Marion 26 Feb 1850 - 20 Apr 1924.
ROUNDTREE, Cynthia Ann 6 Apr 1854 - 15 Sep 1903. Obit published 24 Sep 1903.

SHAHAN, Adeline 26 Jul 1854 - 20 Jan 1888. Wife of J. A. Shahan.

STEPHENSON, J G 12 Sep 1856 - 17 Dec 1895.

STIMAC, Unknown Died 1950. Unmarked grave. Information from Thomas Crook. NOTE: The only death certificate found for a Stimac in Ripley County is for Luies Anthony Stimac, buried at Antioch. Died in Varner Twp north of Oxly.

VENABLE, Richard No dates. Grave is marked by a native stone with a 'V' carved on it. He was an uncle to the late A. Ee 'Jack' Venable. Note: MO Death Cert.#030015: Richard Henry Venable, born 02 Dec. 1872 in Ripley Co., died 24 Aug. 1958 in Varner Twp north of Oxly. Buried at Antioch Cemetery.

UNKNOWN - 4 unmarked graves which lie between 2 cedar trees. There are many more unmarked and forgotten graves.




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