The name below should be OSBORN. Charles is my great uncle, a brother to my grandmother Elsie May OSBORN who married John Robert Lowery in 1910. 
OSBORNE, CHARLES                GOIN, ANNA                   24 FEB 1896 
His full name is Charles Edward Osborn born, 5-Nov-1871 in FAIRPORT, DEKALB CO. MO. 
His wife was Anna Sophia Goin, born 10 Apr 1879 in Ripley County, MO. 
Charles died 20 Jan 1948 - Anna died 16 Mar 1961 Both are buried in the WARREN CO. MEMORIAL CEM. MONMOUTH, ILL. 
As a child I remember visiting their farm in ILL a few times, it was a grand farm house with the most 
beautiful wood staircase and trim, very rich in color. 
Anna was a tiny little lady but the sweetest thing. She once gave my mother a ceramic pitcher that grape vines 
with leaves and grape clusters molded in the design. My sister Joan still has that! 
I also remember their oldest children Silas and Minnie. 
Clinton Osborn is Charles Osborn's brother and of course brother to my grandmother Elsie Osborn Lowery.
OSBORN, CLINTON M.              KRIGBAUM, MISA MARY          14 OCT 1895 
Both Clinton his wife Misa Mary and my grandmother Elsie and her husband John Robert Lowery are buried at NEW HOPE 
CEM. PURMAN, RIPLEY CO. MO. Where they lived with in a couple of miles all their lives. 

Contributed by Roger Inman <> Mar. 31, 2009