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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866 for Ripley Co.

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The Wilson Massacre
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Contributed by Clint Lacy

'My 2nd great grandfather, John Webb, enlisted in the Civil War Aug 1862 Ripley County MO.
He died Oct 1862 in Ripley/Carter County. Above is a link to his muster roll as well as the story of my family.' 
Dee Webb Sparks

A Union Judge in Ripley County Missouri, from the NY Times, tells how the Ripley County populace defied a Union judge

The arrest of Dr. R ( I believe it to be Doctor Brooks), tells how "armed companies of men" took up arms to protect their property. This certainly gives credibility to Jerry Ponder's claim that Colonel Righter was in a "militia" type company.

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