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1833 - 1900


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This is the area for family submitted corrections to these marriage files.  I inherited the transcribed files so I can not verify if these are transcription errors or errors at the county level at the time of entry.  If you have errors you notice, please submit the info on it and it will be entered here.

Becky Kinney has submitted the following correction:  Thomas Mabrey  Alma M. Fadden should read Blanche Alma McFadden.

Loretta Mann has submitted the following correction:  Henry G Lowry married Susan E Andrews, on 14 May 1876.  It is listed under Andrews incorrectly and not listed under Lowry at all.  Added to the Lowry listings for reference to this note.

Bud Totten has submitted the following correction:  TOTTEN, OLIVER P. FOX, SADA, 14 AUG 1887, the date in the file states 1877.  The bride would have been 10yo at the time of the marriage if that was correct.  Marriage licences states 1887.

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