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Updated Feb. 6, 2012

Acorn Cemetery Sinsabaugh Ripley Co MO
Amity Cemetery a/k/a Ponder Family Cemetery; a/k/a Bellview
Antioch Cemetery Oxly
Arnold Cemetery Flatwoods
Baker Cemetery Gatewood
Barber Freeman Cemetery  
Bardley Cemetery  
Barfield Cemetery     Naylor
Barnes Chapel Cemetery Need information on burials at and the location of this cemetery.
Bass Cemetery See Shirley Cemetery
Beaver Dam Catholic Cemetery Hogan Hollow     NEW!!!
Bellview Cemetery Not same as Amity Cemetery above. Located north of Doniphan on 21, off of K Hwy.
Bennett Cemetery     a/k/a Briar; a/k/a Whitwell
Bethany Cemetery Doniphan
Bethell Family Various cemeteries
Big Barren Cemetery see also Lewis/Old Lewis Cemetery
Bradley Cemetery     Doniphan North 
Briar Oak Ridge Cemetery    NEW!!! a/k/a Oak Ridge Cemetery; a/k/a Briar Oak West
Brooks Cemetery Doniphan North 
Burlison Cemetery See Kennon Cemetery (below)
Cardwell Cemetery Oxly
Catholic Cemetery    NEW!!!  
Center Hill Cemetery     Flatwoods
Channel Cemetery    NEW!!!  
Chestnut Cemetery  Briar; aka Buffalo Cemetery
Collins Cemetery Hogan Hollow
Cyclone Cemetery     a/k/a Nesbit Cemetery; Current View - Oxly
Cypress Creek Cemetery     Flatwoods
Cypress Grove Cemetery  
Dalton Cemetery Poynor - Burr
Dizmang Cemetery See Sanky Hall-Dizmang (below)
Doniphan City Cemetery see Doniphan Oak Ridge Cemetery (below)
Doniphan Oak Ridge Cemetery a/k/a Doniphan City Cemetery     
Dye Cemetery See Henry Clay Dye Cemetery (below)
Eaton Cemetery  
Elenor Cemetery Naylor
Elizabeth Cemetery  
Emmons Cemetery Doniphan North
Ezekiel D. Smith Family Cemetery  
Fairdealing Cemetery  
Fairview Church of God Cemetery  
Flatwoods See Murphy Cemetery
Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery  
Freeman Cemetery  
Gartman Cemetery Doniphan South
Gatewood Cemetery see also North Pickers Cemetery
Good Hope Cemetery Doniphan
Gum Cemetery Naylor
Hall  Cemetery  
Hancock Cemetery   Doniphan South
Handy Cemetery Handy, Ripley Co MO
Hannars Graveyard Grandin SW
Harris Ridge Cemetery May be the same as Doniphan Oak Ridge
Hearst Cemetery  
Henry Clay Dye Cemetery  
Hufstedler Cemetery Ollar
Hunt - White Memorial Gardens  
Johnson Graveyard  
Johnston Chapel Cemetery  
Kelsey Cemetery a/k/a Martin;  Oxly
Kennon Cemetery Poynor; a/k/a Burlison
Kenyon Cemetery  
Lewis Cemetery Grandin SW; see also Old Lewis (below) and Big Barren Cemetery (above)
Liberty Cemetery Gatewood
Little Cemetery Poynor
Logan Creek Cemetery Doniphan
Lone Star Cemetery Seymour
Macedonia Cemetery  
Martin Cemetery Oxly
Masonic Cemetery see also Naylor Masonic Cemetery & Naylor Memorial Cemetery       
McCluskey Cemetery     Flatwoods
McGee-Payne Cemetery     Doniphan North
M. E. Chapel Cemetery  
Merrill Cemetery see Pratt Cemetery (below)
Mizell Cemetery Doniphan South
Mount Olive Cemetery  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Fairdealing
Murphy Cemetery    NEW!!! Flatwoods
Murrell Cemetery  
Naylor Masonic Cemetery see also Naylor Memorial Cemetery
Naylor Memorial Cemetery  see also Naylor Masonic Cemetery
New Home Cemetery Tucker, Ripley Co MO
New Hope Cemetery Oxly, Ripley Co MO
New Union Cemetery a/k/a Shahan Cemetery; Oxly
North Pickers Cemetery see also Gatewood Cemetery
Oak Grove Cemetery     Doniphan North
Oak Ridge Cemetery Briar, see Briar Oak Ridge Cemetery
Oak Ridge Cemetery Doniphan, see Doniphan Oak Ridge
Odam Cemetery  
Old Dalton Family Cemetery Ponder
Old Doniphan City Cemetery a/k/a Pioneer
Old Lewis Cemetery  
Old Ponder Cemetery     Poynor
Patterson Cemetery Poynor
Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery  
Pioneer Cemetery See Old Doniphan City Cemetery (above)
Pine Cemetery  
Plunk Cemetery Poynor
Ponder Cemetery  
Pope Chapel Cemetery Doniphan South
Poynor Cemetery  
Pratt Cemetery a/k/a Merrill Cemetery   
Price Cemetery     Poynor
Reeve's Farm Cemetery  
Riley Cemetery      Doniphan North
Rogers Graveyard  
Rosson Cemetery Briar
Rush Cemetery Believed to be near Gatewood.
Saint Benedicts Cemetery     Doniphan North
Sanky Hall - Dizmang Cemetery Doniphan South
Shahan Cemetery See New Union
Shiloh Cemetery Grandin
Shipman Cemetery  
Shirley Cemetery     Briar
Simpson Cemetery  
Smith Family Cemetery See Ezekiel D. Smith Family Cemetery (above)
Sipes Family Cemetery Torch Ripley Co MO
Spring Hill Cemetery Flatwoods
Stephens Cemetery Flatwoods
Stillwell Cemetery Oxly
Stone Cemetery      Oxly
Sugar Tree Cemetery  
Sullivan Cemetery  
Towles Cemetery Doniphan South
Tucker Cemetery Second enumeration
Tucker Church of Christ Cemetery  
Tucker Methodist Church Cemetery  
Union Cemetery  
Union Grove Cemetery Poynor
Ward Cemetery adjoins Fairdealing Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery Briar   a/k/a Shirley Cemetery 
Woolard Cemetery Flatwoods
Woodlawn Cemetery  
Worley Cemetery Doniphan North - NO LISTINGS
Young Cemetery aka Young Graveyard


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